New friends

Hello everybody!
My name is Mike, and I want to make new friends with people.
I have Familia Ataxia, and life can be hard and challenging at times, but I keep on going.

I live in the great state of Minnesota, where the weather is great in the spring and summer, but it has been very snowy this winter!

I am a very kind and caring guy that is married, has a dog and cat.
I like to go out for coffee, spend time with my wife and pets, go out with friends, watch tv, etc.

If you’re willing to exchange phone numbers with me, please send me a message.

Thank you!

~ Mike

:slightly_smiling_face: Mike, if you’re interested, there are also Ataxia Support Groups on Facebook where you can interact with likeminded people, and make friends. I know of 2 groups who have quite a number of members in the US.