New Technology Invention Assists in Walking

I’m amazed and in awe of technology and how it evolves.

For example, look at the progress so far of the cell phone and the computer. Where they used to be huge and bulky, they’re now getting itty-bitti-er.

This is a cool invention to assist those in walking; I can’t wait to see how it evolves:

Fantastic, the idea is put into practice and works, it’s bound to be
refined further. There are some clever people out there :slight_smile: xB

Absolutely amazing! What we used to read in fiction stories has now become reality!
Thank you for sharing, Glitter on Butterfly.

I saw the exoskeleton in a trade magazine I know it will help me walk again!

There are a few exoskeleton producers out there
As Beryl says, progress in the design and availability will increase as new technology moves forward.
I saw an exoskeleton at the disability expo in NAIDEX. Birmingham, UK
Will upload photo

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