Night vision

A flashlight comes in handy when I have to get out of bed during the middle of the night! Helps solve that "oops I missed feeling!"

I do do use night lights in my rest room. It helps a lot.

Hubby likes it dark, so I have a small led flash light hanging on the handle of my walker. He has one on his night stand. This helps a lot getting up at night and also sometimes to find things that have fallen during the day.

My husband snores, we sleep in different rooms. We leave a small lamp switched on, on the landing

specially for my nightly excursions to the bathroom. I'd left the bathroom door open so I didnt need

the light on, out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure creep past. I jumped up and screeched, it

was my husband creeping about investigating a noise outside, he didnt want to wake me. I don't

know who got the biggest fright!

Night light in every room.

I have a " touch " nite light on the edge of my bed. Works great

We have a nightlight in my bathroom, right off our bedroom, although a small flashlight would come in handy! Thanks for the post, Rob! ;o)

Yup. My wife makes a present of new flash light and lots of batteries at Christmas.

I would have to cross my legs if I woke up. I can no longer launch myself between the furniture..There is a horrid gap now where I am wavering,wobbling and guessing in the light let alone the dark.

WOW that's great Lori D! What an ingenious gift! I'm sure that's VERY helpful for you in the night (and pretty too,,,.ha!)..., ;o)