Quivering feet and toes

Does anyone ever experience quivering feet and toes that clench. Could this be part of my symptoms? It only happens when I am standing. Scary, because I have fallen when this happens. My Dr. Says a vitamin deficiency…but I wonder anyhow.

I have it, too. I always thought it was a symptom of ataxia...?!

But it caused by many things


Well, I do know that my wife’s symptoms started like this at about 22 years old. She thought it was MS for about 10 years. What Bernard says is true, however, so a medical exam is required.

Yes, I have this also.

I get thie sometimes when I am sitting down. My feet go into spasm like people with spacticity. It can be very painful however; I have found that rubbing them quite vigorously works

I think your doctor is right, I had lack of Calcium and vitamin D. My legs hand and feet would cramp, clench. Now I take the milligrams they told me. And no more pain. Vitamin deficiency is not good. Just my opinion.


I get cold feet and one(interestingly, just the one) foot with clawing toes.Don't know why, it's a pain thou. Don't fall over because I'm in a wheelchair. I also get annoying spasms in one calf/thigh.

Let me know if you have any luck

I was recently in a psychiatric hospital after attemting suicide and they gave me PABRINEX injections which are just a massive dose of vitamins then your bode secretes what it doesnt' need. My sympyoms have improved slightly and I can stand for short periods without the shaking and my hand twitches have stopped and the feelinfg of pressure on my head is lesser than before. I am out of hospital now and feel much better but just wanted to say that Vitamins are a definate way to go especialluy THIAMINE and VITAMIN B STRONG.

I get the quivers at night when I am going to bed.It's more like wavering.I asked my Neurophysio about it and and she said it was caused by weakness in my limbs.

I am interested in the vitamin option.I also get intention tremor and throw food all over the place and drop toothpaste.

I don't get chorea or dystonia but its just enough to be embarrassing.The dog waits under the table for any spillages and I have to wear a bib.! I also get cold feet and have to wear bed socks.Not a very glamourous image.

I get the quivering sensation in my feet and toes at night when trying to go to sleep. I've been taking Requip for restless leg syndrome aqnd that has been helping.

I find baclofen helps [on prescription of course] and also magnesium supplements.

I also take lots of other vits and minerals but have found most relief from spasticity since taking Baclofen.

Patsy x

Yes Baclofen is good stuff. I've been taking it for a few years. Just 2 weeks ago I ran low on it because I didn't get the refill Rx to the pharmacy on time. I was reminded why I take it. Glad it was only a couple days.

My Husband has a constant dull ache in his legs does anyone have the same sympton and can suggest any solution?

This might be also called "clawing" of the hands / feet.

to my surprise, during early diagnosis, one GP asked to see my feet, as this is one of the first signs, for the GP to look for !!!

(Myself dont have "clawing" of the feet)

Thanks for bringing this up


I am interested in the Baclofen idea.I get intention tremors but not spasms yet.Do you think Baclofen might help?

What can you suggest for intention tremors without spasms.My ataxia nurse didn't seem to know.

My mum terry has this and her feet claw too which is horrible. I have previously asked if other people get jerky feet and legs and a feeling like their legs and feet are crawling all the time. Mum has had it for over 5 years now

Mum hasn’t really found Baclofen any help and is now trying to reduce the does as she is on 2 three times a day

Marie Turner said:

I am interested in the Baclofen idea.I get intention tremors but not spasms yet.Do you think Baclofen might help?

What can you suggest for intention tremors without spasms.My ataxia nurse didn’t seem to know.

Sorry, nothing constructive to add but I just need to have a good moan!

My feet tingle and get very cold even indoors, and I wear bedsocks like Marie. I've known for a long time that

flat shoes were the way to go, because of joint pain in big toes, also a hammer toe, elegant! So what did I do,

bought a new pair of Sketchers with a low wedge heel, well they looked nice. I've just been grocery shopping

and couldn't wait to get home and pull them off. My feet are pulsating, and I now realise they do nothing to

help balance. Anyone with painful joints please keep to flat shoes!

I can only wear flat shoes. I thought bare foot was the way to go. But I found it was no better. I can only wear certain kinds of shoes. And they bare flat. I cant even where a flat boot. Shoes are really hard to find, with my walking. It seems right now Sketchers do have the best.