Service Dog

Does anyone use a service dog? Do they help? Good and bad about them?

Personally I don’t have one. I do have friends who do. When you find the right one, they can be wonderful. I would encourage you to find out more! JD

I met someone whose dog took things out of the dryer for her, apart from other essential tasks🙂 And, it wasn’t a large breed.

Someone I know took her dog to classes and trained him herself. She’s quite a slight person, the dog is a big breed, I think he gives her confidence🙂

The downside, although I have to stress neither of the above owners felt there was one🙂 Dogs need to be walked, and they need to be picked up after. Will that be manageable with your condition🤔

But, that is far outweighed by the companionship and help a service dog can give🙂xB

I have a Maltese right now. I have been thinking about a service dog, and keeping after another dog is what makes me think No. But I don’t work so I guess I’ll have time. And I don’t get out by myself because I’m afraid of falling. Maybe having a service dog will help my confidence to get out. I’m 32 so I should be as independent while I am at this point.

Only once have I had contact with a Maltese, he was adorable🙂xB

May I encourage you to not be afraid of falling but to learn how to fall! Doing balance exercises are a must to keep as much movement as possible. We’ll be your cheerleaders on the side to encourage you! JD

I have a service dog! She is wonderful! We were matched about a year ago. She is a golden retriever. She knows 80 commands. She hooks right up to my wheel chair. Opens doors, turns on lights, anything I drop she picks up, helps with taking off my socks or taking off a jacket, shirt or sweater. Helps brace going up and down stairs or going to the toilet. She is absolutely wonderful! Most of all a great companion who loves to take naps with me. When I’m having dystonia she puts her head on me or will lay on me to comfort me. My advice would be to find reputable service dog agency and apply and work through them. It took me two years to get her but so very well worth it!

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Wow! Thanks for posting. What about when your dog has to eat or use the bathroom or go for a walk,etc?

Service dogs are Amazing

They have a huge presence at the National Ataxia Foundation conference in March.

Where is the conference and how much?

Hi​:slightly_smiling_face: Information about the conference can be found on www.ataxia .org :slightly_smiling_face:xB

thanks Beryl,
you beat me to it …

Looking forward to chatting with you all


Not long now. I really hope it’s a lot warmer than here😉xB

It will be warmer …

Strong Gales here in Wales

Hi! The dog gets plenty of exercise when they are out with you. When the dog has to go to the bathroom you bring them out and they go. According to ADA we are not required to pick up after them. That does bother me but what can I do? Usually someone is always with me and they pick up her droppings for me. All of these things are covered in training when you get the dog. My training was two weeks long.

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That sounds so helpful-to have a service dog to take things out of the dryer. I get so dizzy bending down.

Since my balance is so bad, I sit on the the floor to take that hints out of the dryer. That way I won’t fall. It isn’t too glamorous, but it does work for me and would keep you from bending.

Sorry. “That hints” was supposed to be “laundry”. A combination of my poor typing and auto-correct got me.

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