Slipper recommendations

Hi all, anyone got any recommendations for warm slippers that are also easy to walk in? I have tried various thermal slipper socks but gave up on these because they wear out too fast ( a few weeks) and they don’t have any grips on the heels so tend to be slippery on tiled or laminate floor…


I get my slippers through TEMU. COM. Their prices are very cheap. Their slipper products are not the best. But their prices are great. The only thing that I don’t care for is because of the padding inside my balance is affected and throws me off. Check it out anyway.

Hi Chas
Thanks for your reply, I’ll have a look.
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I need sturdy slippers with a good grip. I’ve had some good pairs from

I was given slippers as a Christmas present, they are comfortable but……unfortunately the fabric is too soft and it makes them unsupportive :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thanks Beryl, I’ll take a look at the pavers website. The ones I have now are very grippy and warm as I get very cold feet, but I now take them off to walk in because they have memory foam in the soles and I have almost come a cropper several times. Hey ho, the joys of ataxia…

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:slightly_smiling_face:Just to say…

I can’t wear any shoes/slippers with Memory Foam….it unbalances me.

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I can’t stand in slippers let alone walk. I wear fur lined boottees. Cant get grip in socks either so I buy leather insoles from ebay.
I’ve given up on podiatry insoles and supports.
Hope this helps. Cotton traders have reasonably priced booties. Patsy x

Merrell Encore
There are also some good ones on Amazon.