Solution found to problem of carrying drinks without spilling

Yesterday, I took delivery of this simple gadget, designed to enable even the most wobbly of us to carry drinks safely. I have to say it's brilliant. I can safely carry a hot cup of tea around the house, without even thinking about it. Not bad at $12 as well. They delivered to me here in the UK, without any probs.

The link that tells you more is here:

Great invention! Thanks for the link.

Brilliant!, I've ordered one !

Thank you I've ordered one too!

Me too!

It is a great invention. Carrying is an issue. One solution does not fit all Ataxia problems around liquids. If this works for many of us go for it.

Wow, amazing! Thank you for the link, Danielle! ;o)

I have one at work it means I can carry my own drink from the kitchen to my desk which is miles away I love it, my work colleagues call me Florence nightingale as it looks like I'm holding a lamp. Great gadget :-)

Dear Sarah, LOL!!! Kudos to you...,;o)

This works for you. I would shake holding the arm. I constantly shake so have lot of problems,but like you always looking for useful things to share with others.well done

I have solve that problem too, but with a different approach: I never drink and walk at the same time :wink: