Steadymouse use


I am right-handed and I have tremor in my right hand. Well I work with PC doing some reports In my left hand I do not have tremor so I use this hand for holding a mouse. But nowadays I start to have pains in my left hand (when I am holding the mouse).

Well now I installed at home sw Steadymouse, it seems helpfull to use it with tremor hands. But at work we have strict install policy so it is difficult to install this sw. So have anyone experience with this software, working with MS Excel or Access. Will it help?

Thank you

Frankly, I’m surprised that this topic has been untouched for so long.

Using the computer has always been a safe-haven for me. No matter what this ataxia sh*t threw at me, using the computer had always been something that I could still use. Fast forward to recently. Shaky hands have been making use of the mouse problematic and highly frustrating. My lovely wife took it upon herself to see if there was any kind of aid for this. She discovered SteadyMouse ( and it works as advertised. I’ve yet to see if it makes a difference with gaming, but it has given me a newfound confidence with using the mouse for everything else.

I’ve only been using this for a few days so far, but I recommend that anyone who’s ataxia tremors have made the computer mouse problematic should at least give it a look.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your comments, this could be a new lease of life to many people.