I had been a Photo-Copier Technician for 35 years until I could no longer hold a screw-driver or carry a

tool-box!!!!..I wonder if those 'Toners' and 'Developer' powders/liquids atrophied my brain ....

Anyone else concerned about the affects of Industrial


I am concerned.Dad had Parkinsons and mum said it was weedkilllerswhich ppoisoned him at a young age. He was a research forester.

I have Cerebellar Ataxia but we don't know what sort or where it came from.Makes you rack your brains to wonder if you came into contact with toxic cheemicals.

I wouldn't be surprised. But proving it isn't going to be easy.

I used to handle carbon tetrachloride on a daily basis for many moths as lab assistant. It's restricted now.

You have my sympathies.

The thing to do is to try to ensure the stuff is out of your system and try to work around any damage.

Getting damages is understandable and I'd go for it as long as you devote some time to your physiotherapy as well.

Oh yea big time! I know in my heart being a hairstylist dealing with chemicals and sprays while working and my off time my hobbies using acrylic paints created my ataxia. I believe my system was in a weekend condition so it allowed the chemicals to create problems. I learned we absorb 80% of what we touch and inhale. I was diagnosed having Sporadic SCA. Meaning they don't quite know how I got this. They asked about toxins but there was no way to prove it. One reason why I really feel that is it is because letting go of Gluten, flour and refined sugars and exercising my brain and body daily has made such a huge difference and has stop my progression of degeneration of my cerebellum. I still have to deal with some issues like not walking great and balance and my fatigue etc., but I'm doing pretty well I think.

I think your on to something. Research as much as you can to counteract yours if you can. Detoxing is something I do on a regular basis with foods as meds. I really believe that we have to be our own advocates to help ourselves.

Dear Ozzy, Nothing surprises me about ataxia anymore! Although I didn't "work" daily with chemicals, I had a large vegetable garden and flower garden which I tended to with fertilizer/plant food/bug killer chemicals. Also, our first home was build on farmland that grew corn at one time. I have no idea why I have ataxia, but these things have crossed my mind! It remains a mystery, but a possibility..., ;o)

It would be nice to find out if toxic chemicals caused our problems but it would financially ruin this country I believe. Im 80 and dealt with asbestos, carbon tet , pesticides and even meds if you think you can prove anything on these companies you would have to be very rich to do it.

..Thank-you all.I guess no manufacturer will accept any liability with-out a fight...

.Soooo I'll continue to exercise,diet,not smoke,drink on occasion Sudoku...

I'm 61,reside in a Nursing Home with full-on Cerebeller Ataxia..Look drunk,slurred speech etc know what I'm

talkin' bout' :-)

I can now walk short distances with-out any aides..I fiqure a cure just might be activating unharmed dormant brain cells !! "squash playing" memory cells must still be there!! If I can figure a way to( via a 'back door' some-where); activate those

cells and try to get good healthy cells in the learn again...well who knows..

>.The staff here' are amazed at my progress so far..I do my entire exercise routine standing with-out holding on to anything.

..wish me luck..and don't give up..Hope whispers "just try one more time".. :-D Ozzy

Hi can anyone help me? My partner has spinocerebellar ataxia we don’t know what strain yet, he’s had this about 18 months and is going through I think a depression period where he now can’t go out alone because of his walking and balance he is saying about how active he used to be and now he can’t do any of that stuff, he used to be very sporty but now as I’ve said can’t go out alone, he’s 43 and is pushing me away, he’s in pain all day every day and pain relief fro the GP don’t seem to work, we don’t talk much anymore but he won’t tell me his thoughts, we used to have ‘our’ time in the evenings bit now he’s either playing games on his iPad or messaging friends, we can go a whole day without talking, I don’t know what I should do. Anyone experience this sort of thing? I’m
Here for him through it all he knows that but I just do t think he wants me here.

The not going out bit may be fear of walking without balance Julie.

There are quitee a few psychological problems with this diseasee and depression couuld be quite common.

Perhaps think about the changes yoour partner is going through.

I have ataxia and it is taking years tto adapt.Many of the behaviours sounnd normal.Don't panic.You are on a long,hard road.

A lot of the time we just n eed to be valued as some of us are coming to terms with feeling useless.

.I was the same,Julie..I also hit the booze..We have now separated,still friends but love just vanished as my depression and

moods worsened..I wish I"d listened when told by the neuros'..moderate the alcohol.quit smoking and live a healthy life-style..

I have!!!!..I'm living with Ataxia,now..Good luck to you both..

Dear Julie, Depression is quite common with neurological diseases. I was diagnosed with ataxia eleven years ago and am on a antidepressant. I also saw a therapist early on to help me deal with having ataxia. Sometimes I feel sad, as ataxia is very frustrating, but not depressed. Also I exercise for strength and balance, which helps my mood, as well as my ataxia. You didn't say whether you boyfriend uses any aids. I use a quad cane when I leave my home, as it gives me more confidence and stability. I also have an Access Active Rollator for pleasure walking outside, which I LOVE. I feel very safe a secure when using it! I hope this helps...,my best to you..., ;o)


I am not sure, but in my opinion-no. I have been a nurse,working with chemicals, but I have been regularly checked. My friends work in XR with alot of harmful chemicals but no one from them sufers with ataxia.I am sure chemicals are not good for you,but I do not think with moderate use,chemicals can cause ataxia.

You are wrong.

Tiny amounts of chemicals can wreak havoc.

Ever heard of hormones? Of course you have. They are chemicals and the body produces them. Many chemicals act as hormones and really screw the body.

People should always wear gloves when filling the car for instance. Diesel or petrol on the skin is almost as bad as drinking it.

If your taking certain drugs it can cause odd behavior I know lyrica can be one so it is worth checking out because there are many more.