U-Step II Walking Stabilizer

Hello, I came across an article today about this walker. Unlike regular walkers or rollovers this would this seems to be much sturdier. It also has some great features. Things that might be taken for granted unless you have Ataxia. I justill wondered if anyone has had any experience with this item. Thank you in advance :kissing_smiling_eyes:

See a useful video on www.ustep.com


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I don’t have this type of walker. My Medicare starts5/1. This would be good to have after I get some therapy going.

I view this walker on their website. The build quality didn’t look great and the whole unit appeared to have too many obtrusive working parts which would not only interfere with its use but probably its reliability as well. The wheels appear to be too small for use on other than level surfaces.

I use a Volaris walker which is a much simpler design, with large wheels, and independent suspension which easily navigates wooded walking trails and other variable terrain. It is also designed so that you walk within the unit which improves posture and gait.

Volaris has distributors worldwide and if you do a google search you should find one easily. They are also designed and manufactured in Sweden rather than some sweat shop. I learned of them by chance while sitting in a bloodwork line beside a woman who had one.

I hope this helps and that you find a walker that suits your needs best.

I will definitely look into that.Thank so so much :slight_smile:

I went back and looked on the website for further information. It’s all well and good but the sticker price is way too high. I’m not paying over $500 for a walker. I will look into Valaris. Thank you.