Undiagnosed SCA with severe knee hyperextension

Does anyone have a knee hyperextension, secondary to cerebellum ataxia? It seems as though I am the only one. I have SCA, but my doctors have yet to determine which type. I have weakness in the affected leg, with moderately severe spasticity.

Anyone have any experience with nerve blocks for spasticity?

Or Dantrium (dantrolene) ?

Thank you so much in advance

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi Michael, if you search ‘Dantrolene’ ( muscle relaxant) there are some archive links here. The only time I recall someone referring to ‘knees bending backwards’ was in relation to Stiff Person Syndrome. That particular person also has Idiopathic SCA. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Hi Michael, I just had knee surgery torn meniscus due to wobbling. I was walking and it went on me. :frowning:

How did you make out after the meniscus surgery? How long does it take to recover? I have a torn meniscus (not bad) and I just get the knee injections.

I did great. I had one big tare and a smaller one. They wanted me off of it for 6 weeks. I was in pain for 4 days. I do have a high pain tolerance so I was off the pain pills by the 3rd day. I don’t want to get hooked on any pain pills. It did lock up on me after the surgery about 3 months after due to wobbling and then went in for a steroid shot and been fine ever since. Depending on how bad your tare is they may have you up and moving right away.

Many thanks. Mine is a small tear. I had a cortisone shot which took care of the inflammation. Pain has come back 4 months later and not nearly as bad. Having gel shot Tuesday. I also have high tolerance of pain. Had rotator cuff surgery in 2014. Never took those prescribed pain pills. They work but bad news.

Are you using those neoprene sleeves like you can get at CVS or Walgreens? I figured you probably already were since you have pain, but I thought I’d toss it out there anyway. I was thinking that the extra support might help a little bit with stability.