Useful Gluten free Guide

Here is a useful guide for those wanting to know more about following a gluten free diet. Ive uploaded it in two parts.It forms a 28 page booket, mainly for British coeliacs but I think of interest to anyone wanting to know more about what this entails

Thanks also from me for sharing, having been on almost gluten-free food without knowing it, it was important for me to change from wheat to rice. This is still difficult, because when i am not at home, i usually cannot buy rice-bread in a fast food store or restaurant.

Therefore i found it helpful reading in your booklet, that it would be good to take some glutenfree food, likerice-bread with me when travelling.

Today i am planning to fabricate glutenfree plum dumplings. This is the second trial. In the first trial this was not perfectly glutenfree, because in the package of the potatoe mass for this was indicated that also some wheat would be inside! Nevertheless i have enjoyed the meal, hoping that i am not a (100 %)celiac. Todays trial: I have bought some rice flour in the japanese shop, and floury potatoes; eggs. Together with the plums and some dark sugar i hope this will be a success...

This gluten-free food is so expensive, - except the rice crackers and fruits/vegetables.. There are also existing German Pages for gluten-free diet, and internet shop where you can order such a food. Close to my home there is a bio-shop, but to this time almost everything i not-glutenfree, and the gluten-free things are very expensive. For example four cookies - 3 or 4 Euro. So i will try to bake cookies for christmas at home, with rice-flour and a special gluten-free baking powder which i have already bought in the bio-store.

Are you also cooking at home or only ordering the gluten-free foods (except fruits and milk) by post?

Thanks again,


Thanks for the info. ;o)

Your stir-fry sounds yummy Folky, hope it was! ;o)