Gluten free diet

I started my gluten free diet 1st feb
I fill I am doing well with the help of glutifin products
I am learning to cook again
My daughter has I.B.S and it has helped her loads.
We’re do so well
Hoping it has positive affects for me
Tonight were having spaghetti using Quorn never had it before

There are so many substatutes out there now that I hear are good. Dr Oz has had quite a few great segments about GF recipes and information. Here is the link to these.

I love Dr. Hyman I love his information.

I'm glad that it's making a real difference for your daughter and that it is getting you to get off of gluten too! :0)

Thank you for your ever support Jeanie

Hi loz
Have a look at the Useful Gluten free guide I’ve posted on the site.
Do a search forUseful Gluten Free Guide in General and you should find it.
If you need any more help just ask - I’ve beeb GF now for nearly twenty years.

Go steady,

Thank you so much feelingourway
I will look tomorrow