"Wesley" Part 2

Hi friends. I wanted to thank you for your responses and kind, heartfelt advice. I have been inconsolable with my loss and your kind words have really gotten me thru the past few days. You are very nice people. I still have the waves of grief, but your advice has really helped. David, Wesleys breeder, has the doggie that he has held for me. Sparkle, is about 3 years old, she is a retired champion. He tells me that she is really a kissy face cuddle bug like Wes. One minute I think I would love to have her,the next, I think wait…
With winter coming…Am I putting too much pressure on myself? Thank you all.

I think it would really help to have a new huggable dog now. It will truly help. You would have to put your heart into loving a new companion. I did and it has been a great reward.

Speaking as someone who is now dogless because I am not good dog mom with my ataxia, I say go for it. I miss the richness a dog brings to your life. Do you have a friend who always says they want to do something for you? Ask if they would be willing to walk your dog on a regular basis. Book 2 or 3 friends.

Hi there again Suzi

GO for it! SPARKLE..the name on its own says enough:) Hugs from Holland, Elle.

Or could you have someone build a dog pen? Then you could just open the door to let the dog out during the winter. I let someone else walk the dog when it is icy and unsafe out. I love the company of my dog!

Hi there - I have been thinking about you but have not had time to post. I am so sorry for your loss and I would say go for it! You can use the company and a little dog like that you can practically walk around the house! Do you have a good spot for Sparkle to take a quick potty break? Big hugs to you!

Don't wait, don't hesitate for a second! It's a tribute to Wesley, not a betrayal! What a chance, top marks to Wesley's breeder, he is a really good sort.

love from one who knows


Just go and get her - you are going to make a better ‘mum’ than most - it’s not all about walks. How exciting!

YES TO SPARKLE! I now have a 26 lb gentle giant of a Maine Coon Cat, who thinks he’s a dog! Furry people seem to get us, when we are despondent or physically exhausted, esp. with pain. SPARKLE sounds awesome, Suzi. This is a great way to give ourselves a 24/7 present. I love the idea of a loving dog walker friend. As much as I hate all the PT, one day as I struggled with my rolator down a curb and up a ramp- stamina completely depleted- my PT said over and over: “Fight for it, Ellen! Fight for it!!” And now, that’s my stamina “mantra”…helping sometimes, but always making me laugh out loud. Fight for it, Suzi. After all you’ve been through, YOU DESERVE IT SPARKLE. Hugs & love, Ellen

Yes go for it! Dogs understand and adapt to our needs. I might be wrong, little shi-tsu do not need as much exercising as other breeds. They are more inside dogs, no? Also at 3 years of age, he will have settled down some , won’t he?
And yes to the name Sparkle. He will bring some light in your life!
Take care and have fun!

I agree that a new dog will help you through your grief, and gradually will heal the hole in your heart.

Best Wishes,


Dear Suzi, You could always ask the breeder if Sparkle could come stay with you for a few days. Then you could see how you do, although I have a feeling that you'll fall in love with him! Of course, you can't replace Wesley, as he'll always have a special place in your hear, but you have a lot of love to give to another dog (and vice-versa)! One thing that's nice is he's three years old and probably housebroken! Sounds like it might e a win-win situation for you and Sparkle! Please let us know what you decide to do. Hugs..., ;o)

Hi Suzi !

Good god, get the dog!!!

How's this?

I'll take it if it doesn't work out!


Now, that’s a good friend! You can’t pass this offer Suzi :slight_smile:

What part of the country do you live in? Yes, Winter could be a problem if you get lots of snow. Really though, I think we do better as people if there is some pressure to preform to some extent. How much exercise do those breed of dogs need?

The thing is, whether you realize it or not, you need the new dog. You might find in struggling to make everything perfect for him that you do yourself a favor. I think you need a reason to keep on keeping on. Only you know that for sure.You have my prayers as you make up your mind.-Randall

Hi Suzi :slight_smile:
Sparkle sounds adorable, I’d have problems myself with this decision :slight_smile:
Perhaps the two of you were meant to be. If she comes to you, she’ll
be a lucky dog :slight_smile: xB