What a time for this to happen

Even though I have SCA I have been fortunate to be able to walk of sorts. The other week I took a fall and I was able to get up not feeling bad except for some feeling of embarrassment. Fortunately no one else was around to see it! A skinned knee was the only result. I was physically fine for the next few days. As has been recommended regarding this virus, I have stayed inside. I woke up the first day in incredible pain when I tried to walk or stand still on the top side and ankle of the right foot basically on the right side. It also hurts on the outside of my right thigh just below the hip. Nothing is broken. IMO, a sprain feels worse than break.

I started using a cane but that really hasn’t helped that much. Because of our balance problems a cane isn’t very effective in my opinion. I just got my hands on a borrowed walker and I find that it does help when trying to walk since it helps to keep the pressure off the right foot.

I hope that this pain goes away quickly and I return to my “normal” walking. FYI, I live alone so you can imagine how tough it’s been to manage. If pain levels are identified 1 - 10, I’m talking 11.


:woozy_face: I empathise, a couple of years ago I fractured an ankle. I had to use my rollator to hobble around the house, and it took about 6 weeks to feel confident of walking properly.

I don’t want to even think about 6 weeks. I’ve had enough after 1 week. Pain is killing me.

Can you get a doctor to take a look at it? I know many offices are closed to most medical problems right now, but I don’t think we count, especially for an injury like that.

I had the same kind of fall many years ago. Just an ankle sprain, but it still hurts sometimes. You have to make sure it’s properly wrapped and whatnot so you don’t keep reinjuring it.

I agree canes are difficult, and sometimes even dangerous for us. A rollator works great for when you have to walk and not hold on to a rail or wall. And don’t forget visual cues. A sidewalk with a line you can follow along is safer than, say, walking across your yard or a big room.

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Chas521, If you have it looked at, please try. I’m worried for you.

I did via virtual by an Orthopedic doc and he saw no swelling or discoloration. He prescribed an anti inflammatory which is coming in the mail. I have a friend who is gonna grocery shop for me. Fingers crossed regarding the virus and pain leaving. My appetite has suffered because of the pain. Please pray for me. Thanks. Our balance problems make this much harder.

Goodness. Never recently had anyone ask me to pray for them. So I will. Only trouble is that God may not be familiar with the name Chas 521. Only joking - he’ll know perfectly well who you are. I can understand all you have said especially about the embarrassment and the cane.

PS God will e even less familiar with someone called cross_eyes.

Starting to feel better but afraid to try walking and put any weight on the ankle. Still using the walker but some pain still present.

Wonder if I was speaking too quickly. During the day it feels not too bad but it kills me the next morning when I get out of bed. Next morning seems to be the key.

EDIT: It’s bad enough to be stuck inside because of the virus but to be stuck inside with constant pain is even worse. Venting here!

:slightly_smiling_face:Vent away…any extra challenge at the moment must be exceptionally frustrating. I thought my ankle would never bear weight again, but eventually it did.

Seems to be getting better maybe. Veterans PT is pretty sure it’s not broken or fractured. They think that when I fell I tweaked my Sciatic Nerve and that’s causing the pain. I’m actually able to take a few steps unaided during the day but nighttime brings the pain back. Whatever, I just want the pain to go away.

:confused: Knowing you can expect pain when you go to bed is awful… It was happening to me all too regularly. Medical advice was to take painkillers before retiring. I’m always reluctant to have to rely on painkillers in case I can’t do without them, but it was useful advice and I did manage to get a proper night’s sleep.

Yeah, pain does suck. I have a new respect for folks who say they are in pain. I take an anti inflammatory that was prescribed for me by a virtual appointment with an Orthopedic doc. I’m afraid of pain killers per se because I’ve seen how they can affect folks. I grin and bear it but wish I didn’t have to. Go away pain and give me a break please.

Every time I think it’s getting better, it takes a step back. I live alone so I constantly have to walk on it in order to get things done even though I’m using a walker. That can’t be good for healing. Add in our balance problem - WOW!! Would someone up there please give me a break. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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:thinking: Chas, it did take a good 5/6 weeks for me to be confident about weight bearing. It seemed endless at the time because my balance was unpredictable. But I did eventually get there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Beryl, did you wake up one morning and everything was fine like it was before the injury? I’m looking forward to that morning.

:slightly_smiling_face: I suppose you could say it was something like that. Pain must have gradually lessened, and the ankle must have gradually regained strength…almost without me realising it. I’d gotten so used to hobbling/limping…It is especially challenging when balance is badly compromised, and since then I’ve been especially aware when walking in places that are unfamiliar.

My balance is really suffering while my leg heals. Is that a normal thing? I hope that it returns to what it was before the injury.

:thinking: On reflection, I can’t decide whether my ankle problem aided and abetted increasingly poor balance. It’s probable that it’s simply ataxia running its course.
:slightly_smiling_face: I find I’m slower these days, being more cautious and trying to think ahead before I make a move. But inevitably there are times when I forget, become overconfident and try to move ‘automatically’… Concentration, and patience are new watchwords :wink:

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