What gadgets make your life easier around the house?

As we all know, living with imbalance and tremors makes tasks around the house either difficult or impossible.

I was wondering if there are any gadgets you use and that help you around the house.
I recently bought an onion chopper which I love. I had become afraid of chopping my fingers and I just love it. It saves so much time and…fingers too. Don’t know why I did not buy one, even before my ataxia… I guess I was not as afraid of knives as I am now;-)

I always use frozen chopped veg including onions. I find the slow cooker a blessing but have to ask hubby to dish up.

I have recently discovered [having searched the shops for soup bowl with handle] that mugs are ideal for microwaving food. I even eat my porridge from a mug. ..and when on my own, I eat on breakfast bar but use my walker as seat thus bringing head nearer to bowl!


I have exactly the same problem, so I went out and bought the Crocodile Chopper. I tried some others, but this is definately the best I have used. There are a couple of blades available for it - the coarse one I use the most. You can also get a smaller version of it - used for chopping garlic etc.

I find my rollator/walker quicker than my wheelchair although it is not so safe.With regards cooking I use a food processor,do what I can and leave the bits(and the mess) for husband to finish or clear up when he comes in from work late.

Gadgets can be really helpful but you have to adapt as well.In the past I would not have turned a blind eye to the mess,now I have to.

I have found a remote control (for things like the lights) a great help, it saves bending down !

I thought about this, and came up with a couple of things. I use my Ipad every day. It is nice having it available at any time. Another thing I have is 2 motion activated l e d lights that are battery powered, one at the entrance to the master bedroom, the other at the entrance to the master bathroom. Like them so much that I have a third on my front porch.

My three wheel rolator has a basket and tray. I use it to carry drinks and food, laundry basket, books, and almost anything else I need to move around.

Great tips all! You've definitely given me some useful ideas, as all I use is my cane to prevent falling! Thanks! ;o)

Depending on your mobility abilities, I use a mandolin slicer. At one time when I had very limited range of motion, I used a grabber for the light switches, etc. Also, this catalogue, “Improvements”, might offer you some solutions and ideas:


Thank you all for your answers. The mandolin slicer is on my Christmas list. And I think I found a little gadget to keep my toast from moving all over the place when I butter it. Now if only I could remember remember where I saw one…:slight_smile:
Marie, husbands are good gadgets to clean up our mess :slight_smile: I have one of those too, and I do feel terrible to have him help so much, but he does it very kindly and willingly.
You are right, we have to adapt, but it is not always easy to give up our independence.

Baaartman, I have a similar chopper. It is called the Vidalia Onion Wizzard. I think similar models exist under different names. Great invention. So much time saved!

Fortunately, I have a very small kitchen and asides from the fact that I cannot stand up very long without being exhausted, it is easy to maneuver around it without any help. In fact a wheelchair or even a Rollator would make things more difficult.

Thank you again for your input

One thing that I find helpful is my grabber or "picker upper" This may be a given, as is using the rollater to carry things around. We hope to remodel before too long and I am also open to ideas to make things easier to handle--so far I can see having more drawers rather than lower shelves, putting as much as possible at medium height and having electrical outlets at a higher level so we can reach them without getting down to floor level. I hadn't thought of the touch lamp but that sounds great--my daughter says her in-laws have some and they are great for older people even w/o ataxia. I use electric food chopper a lot and find things that need little prep for everyday suppers. Go to Sr. Citizen Center for weekday lunch. Not great but I don't have to cook those meals. Crock Pot is useful,too.