Wheelchair help please

For many years I have used a Karma wheelchair. I need to buy another wheelchair for best because my old one which I use as a walker to get to my workshop is getting rather battered and is often covered in clay! The Karma is great being able to wash the detachable back and seat but the front wheels are too small and my daughter, who is not very strong, often has to go backwards.

I am in the UK and buy a lot online. Does anyone recommend a make/model wheelchair that they have found good please. In a perfect world big small wheels, easily folding, not too heavy would be great too.

Ii needed a light wc some years ago and i found that the Karme (forget the model) was the lightest around. It was £400

My daughter has two...a more expensive Tilite and a cheaper Quickie 3. The Quickie 3 is all around better, aluminum frame, easy to fold, larger casters and wheels that can be full polyurethene so you don't need to fill it with air. They must not make the Quickie 3 but there are other models: