Your tongue

I discovered something interesting yesterday. Someone came to see me about swallowing skills (lack of them actually) and speech therapy. She surprised me by asking me to stick my tongue out and waggle it. From this she decided my tongue and its movement were limited. She said your tongue should be able to reach every part of your mouth including every surface of the teeth. So I told her that my tongue could not reach the outside of the teeth. She asked if food got stuck and I said it did. She said that was not good. If your mouth is not absolutely clear then little bits of food will work loose and then be swallowed as you breathe. They might then go into your lungs and cause havoc. I reckon you and me will all have tongue problems so - as she advised - brush your teeth after each meal to get rid of all food. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:slightly_smiling_face: As I read the post I was actually feeling my way around my mouth with my tongue. I had no idea tongues could lose their manoeuvrability…