Arizona Dry Climate

I have Ataxia Telangiactasia and I currently live in Southeast Michigan I was wondering if anyone found that living in a dry climate such as Arizona helped ease symptoms?

I’m near Sacramento,CA. Very dry. Still have ataxia

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:I live in the UK…which doesn’t answer your question :joy: But…I correspond with a friend diagnosed with ataxia, she moved to Arizona…and she likes it.

As far as I know, a dry climate does nothing.

We moved to Arizona from Colorado over two years ago. I still have Ataxia but I don’t worry about slipping on ice during the winter months, I swim almost six months of the year, and I’ can walk, with a rollator, most anytime.

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:slightly_smiling_face:It’s good to know it’s been a benefit.
The weather can have a big impact on mobility…particularly in winter months.
I live in the UK…and wish we enjoyed warmer weather :slightly_smiling_face:.