B12 Experiences?

Does anyone else on here take a B12 supplement? I inject 1ml every 6 days and it really help with the shakiness. My prescription calls for a shot every 7 days, but I feel the effects of the B12 wear off in spectacular fashion by day 7.
I just recently started a keto diet as well, and wondering if anyone has experience with Vit B12 and the loss of starches and gluten in their diet? Any helpful tips or even stories of your experiences would be welcome.

Hi John :slightly_smiling_face: While you’re waiting for replies, to see previous discussions search ‘Ketogenic diet’ and also ‘B12’. I’m not B12 deficient (no-one’s said so) but I did try the Ketogenic Diet some years ago, because I’d been diagnosed with Candidiasis. I wish I’d been able to give it a good go, but I found it incredibly difficult to stick to…So I’ll be very interested to follow your progress. :slightly_smiling_face: xB