Chronic pain management

Any one been

Hi Loz:-)
No, I haven’t but if things got very bad I would ask my GP to refer me to
a Pain Clinic, I googled and found there around 300 in the UK.

There’s no reason why anyone should suffer in silence with chronic pain.
It can be managed by acupuncture, injections etc. There are also courses
in self programming Pain Management :slight_smile: xB

I have what was diagnosed as bursitis nearly 20 years ago. They gave me an injection in that hip then. It helped for a number of months--maybe a year. Then I moved, had no insurance, blah,blah.,the pain returned--I started working out at Curves--the pain disappeared along with the Tennis Elbow which was flaring up. For the whole time I worked out no pain. Enter Ataxia, a fall --at curves--,Hubby's cancer treatment,etc. and we quit Curves. About a year later my pain which could be excruiating returned. I suffered all winter until a friend who has similar symptoms due to bursitis and arthritis went to therapy, then continued certain exercises. This stopped her pain. We started back to Curves--I found that I can do the exercise machines if I use my rollator, and get on and off each machine carefully and only once each day.staying for a count of 20 and doing the walking (boards) by walking round the circuit several times at the end while hubby finishes up.(we go at a slow time 3 x a week, so don't get in someone's way). Been back just over 1 month and can tell difference in pain already--very litttle pain now.

I said all this to say--check in to therapy or exercise first, Pain pills don't phase this at all. Of course, it is not constant but only early each morning usually till I "get going" and am up a while.

I am just thinking of looking in to it.

My doctor has referred me Beryl

Dear Loz, I find that exercise and light stretching helps my pain significantly! Of course, I must hold onto something if doing exercises standing. No chance of falling if I'm laying on the floor or sitting! Safety first...,ha! In answer to your question, no, I've never been to a pain clinic. Went to a physical therapist for severe arm pain and that worked wonders! As Beryl said, no one should suffer with chronic pain. I also agree with granny h, looks like exercise helps her! My best to you..., ;o)

I haven’t however if you’re to that point, one thing I heard of recently was an e-stim unit. It sounds like it increases the circulation to control pain and swelling and is used between pain meds.

Other things that many find woo-woo but still might work for you are reiki, meditation, and/or light exercise. They seem to work for me so far.

Hi Loz , Jack here my treatment for the chronic pain has been - pain killers of course, massages and soon

I will start using cannabis, the pain is that bad

slippery said:

Hi Loz , Jack here my treatment for the chronic pain has been - pain killers of course, massages and soon

I will start using cannabis, the pain is that bad

I think you made a good decision. Jerry

Hi Loz

what sort of pain are you having? I have a painful shoulder and husband a bad neck - we have both had good (and amazed at this!) results from something from Boots Chemists called ActiPatch - have a search for reviews of this which are amazing. Its really keeping my pain under control!

I really recommend this for inflammatory pain - you cant feel it, its not a TENS machine but apparently based on something used in hospitals, you stick it on and switch it on and forget it but dont expect results straight away it seems to take a while to work - put it on overnight and the next day you realise your pain is reduced or gone!

hope you are ok - Im Gill from near you in Yorkshire if you hadnt realised - be good to chat when you're up to it.