Does anybody else have this?

I didn’t start using a cane until it was well past the time that I SHOULD have been and as a single custodial Dad I was always on my feet and walked everywhere.
My thighs and calves are quite muscular. The constant esoteric exercise of my legs tensing/untensing to maintain balance has given my legs significant muscle mass.
Does anyone else out there have a similar issue?

Hi John😊 Is this causing you any pain, or discomfort🤔 It’s well known that exercise helps maintain muscle tone. Largely it depends on the individual concerned, and their particular stage of progression at diagnosis etc. as to how much benefit to expect. You’ve had an exceptionally good result, it should stand you in good stead😊xB

It caused me a great deal of pain 7 or 8 years ago, but nothing to complain about now (it’s amazing what your body can accept as ‘normal’). Plus, high CBD marijuana keeps the discomfort mostly at bay. My balance is getting worse though, and I probably won’t escape needing a walker soon enough. I’m only 43. I’ve been living with this and progressing for 20 years now.

I noticed the same John, In my calves espeacially. I suspect you’re right, however, I can’t personally rule out the contribution cycling for so many years before becoming ill must have had. On the other hand, I suppose the cycling did help.