Gluten free

I feel so much better .

Have been on gluten free diet since 1st feb and the results are amazing x

This Gluten-Free thing really fascinates me. What kind of results did you see in such a short time? Also, I like eating bread - a lot. I’ve tried eating gluten-free bread and couldn’t get myself to get myself to like it. What did you do for bread, if you eat bread?

Genius bread is what I have
Not tried but they say Warburtons is good
Glutin in products are good I use then go on website biscuits pizza bases bread making everything brill I find x

GLUTAFIN just looked

Update folks I am still doing gluten free and I can’t believe how it’s helped my balance

See it's not real hard to do. You can get used to anything. They say it takes 30 days to make a new habit and 28 days to loose an old one.

Great news that your still doing well!

When you end up feeling better being off Gluten it sure gives you a reason to stay off no matter what right? :0) New chapter! :0)

Thank you for all your support Jeannie xx

I read this on gluten intolerance and thought I’d share: