Krazy Bee Sting Pains

I am just wondering what some of you are doing about , phantom pains like the ones that feel like bee stings . I am getting them almost daily now , mostly lower legs and feet , but other areas as well . They come and go in waves , will be intense for an hour or two then calm down for several hours .

My family (hereditary ataxia) calls those zingers and I especially dislike the ones in the inner thighs.(My husband especially dislikes when I share the experience with him and demonstrate what they feel like by pinching him good :-) I have found applying ice to be helpful also I think I notice I have less of them when I am getting enough magnesium from food, magnesium oil or Calm brand magnesium citrate. Some times I will use EFT - or tapping and have been known to occasionally even talk with a zinger:-0

I have had similar symptoms but not as bad as yours. When the material from my slacks rubbed against my calf, it felt like a little pinprick. Then it happened more often in several places on my other leg. I asked my neurologist if this was another symptom of Ataxia and he said no. Could you believe it!!