Peripheral Neuropathy?

beginning feb had bad (i was writhing) left upper back pain. romboid muscles? healed in 2 weeks. since then my last three fingers (left hand) have pins & needles (in the ends) & no feelings behind palm. is this PN?

I had 6-week course of upper body neuro physiotherapy and it relieved lack of sensation in little and third finger o left hand. This was following fall with my walker on a tram.

Physio explained these two fingers work as one in movement.

Best exercise was to point fingers downwards on hard surface inside a rubber band and stretch outwards. Repeat 5 times on each hand.

Hope this helps.

I’m no doctor, but I lean more to a pinched nerve…and it may very well be related to the shoulder pain. Do some research on roto cuff injuries. Even in carpal tunnel issues, painful hands and arms result from strain on the wrist.

I had pain in my right hand that I thought my fingers would explode. NOTHING helped. I searched for relief in essential oils. Cured it. Now if I can only locate the essential oil recipe which will cure ataxia!!!
Good luck :slight_smile:

Please see your doctor, not Goggle self diagnosis

Eric is correct. Pain in the left shoulder and extremity should not be ignored or self medicated.

thanks eric & mommaroo,

i did see my pcp. he recommended a cock-up wrist splint for a month. if still a prob, a neck mri, worst come to worst, a neuro visit.

mas said:

thanks eric & mommaroo,

i did see my pcp. he recommended a cock-up wrist splint for a month. if still a prob, a neck mri, worst come to worst, a neuro visit.

i also want to add: i'm pain free (everywhere)!

Momaroo has hit the nail on the head with a pinched nerve me thinks, it certainly isn't PN Mas. I've had both periphial (hereditary) and poly neuropathy for the past 4/5 years (when it was diagnosed) but reckon i'd had it for quite a while before that. It's rare that you'll get pain in your back from it because it generally affects the nerve endings more. Has for the hands you would of certainly known about it before now and they diagnose it as pressure palsey. The actual diagnoses for them both because they do come hand in hand (excuse the pun) together with the hereditary neuropathy is HNPP. PN on its own is much more likely to affect your feet and lower legs well before your hands etc and a tell-tale sign of this is drop foot. Hope that helps but please don't hesitate if you need to know more.

i really appreciate ALL your responses. mally a special thanks to you. praying the splint is the farthest i go.

tried the splint: didn't work. mri (neck) next week. still no pain just numb behind lower half of left palm

Sounds like this should be checked out by your doctor.

Hi Mas

The only ways that peripheral neuropathy (PN) affect your muscles is atrophy (weakness/shrinkage and numbness) caused by demylination deterioration to parts of the nerves, the extremities i.e. the feet or fingers. This means that these parts of your body no longer send/receive messages to and from the brain so the muscles become redundant, hence numbness and weakness, it is extremely unlikely to be affect your back or neck

The easiest and most general way to tell if you've got PN is drop-foot. Check your feet because their the first part of your body to be affected. Drop-foot or club-toe is basically high feet arches. If your arches are normal it is very unlikely to be PN if they are unusually high then there is a chance that it could be. Either way stop stressing that only escalates everything. Has any medical professional suggested that it could be PN? And the more you look for symptoms Mas the more you'll find them.....whether they are there or not. Besides, if the worst you've got is a bit of numbness in your hand it's in the very early stages and easily treatable but the only symptom that you have got that could be possibly linked to PN is your palm which would only be secondary to your fingers.and it certainly wouldn't affect your back or neck. Good luck with your MRI Mas, my monies on trapped nerve though lol......

i'm at the physical therapy (pt) stage. doctor's assistant (da) does not know weather numbness caused by pinched nerves in neck (mri done), in elbow, or ataxia. pt will happen for 3 weeks. will see da on july 1st. mally, u'r right, again :-).

I have SCA6 diagnosed in 2013 after first symptoms in 2011. In the last couple of months, I have been getting numb hands usually first thing in the morning with very bad pins and needles. This is new to me, is it another symptom? Also some of my fingers are painful to touch and my little fingers click when I bend them. When. It’s bad, my hands go white and feel cold to the touch.
Someone suggested it may be Neuropathy but I’m not so sure. Any suggestions?

Neuropathy I think does not always cause drop foot, I had drop feet 60 yrs ago and hadto use braces that moved the feet back into position after each step. I now have neuropathy for about 20 yrs and no drop foot problems yet. I dont get meds to treat any ataxia symptoms but recently suffered from back pain and bought a Tens unit for $40 and when I use it the muscles in my legs dont tighten up when I walk, usually I start out with 1/2 inch steps and then loosen up a little after about going 4 or 5 feet . It helps the pain some but it keeps coming back. I only use the tens unit for 15 minutes but wish I could use it all day. I does not seem to help the brain end of ataxia but does relax the muscles when I walk. Jerry