Do you think I’m crazy for going to my girlfriends prom where it’s dark and loud music all that stuff?

No your not crazy. We need fun to. Slow dancing we can do. (I think) Its good you feel like you want to go! Have fun!

Watch your alcohol intake!

No, I dont. I think it would be good to give it a try - otherwise you might regret it. It's good that you have a girlfriend to support you with this.



Cody you only know what you can do. If having to hang on to your girlfriend will work for you. I would do it.

Hi Cody - I definitely don’t; I went to my parents’ 50th Anniversary kind of thinking the same thing, though I’m glad that I tried.

You and your girlfriend might want to talk regarding a back-up if you need to leave or get a way to a quieter place with less stimulation for a bit. Have a blast!

Go and rock out. You'll never have the chance to go to a prom agaih!

Cody, go for it. Hang on to your girlfriend, take a flashlight, and take breaks to rest frequently you will do fine. Don't let the little x get you down. What we are dealing with is light eating an elephant you have to eat it one piece at a time. So, do everything you can as long as you can - even though the ole brain says no - show it different.

Have a good time

Hi Cody, Your not crazy I think your doing something that is totally normal, if you don't go I'd think you were crazy not to! I think just because we have ataxia to deal with we shouldn't let us stop life but just to be more creative and thinking of ways that will help us out so we can do the things other's do also.

Good for you that you even mentioned this. I vote that you should go and make it a blast of a time while your there, why not???????

I know when I shy away from going somewhere because of the issues that you mentioned and even more, that I have regreted it. What I'd do that helps me is plan ahead so you feel more incontrol of your situation as much as you can. Feeling prepaired helps me focus on other things that come up so I can deal with them better than I would. I also would let my girlfriend know about my balancing issues in the dark and music so she'll know ahead of time how to help you out and hold your hand allot to give you more balance there.

I also get the lay of the land inside where I go (it's held) like seating, bathrooms, exits etc so you feel better.

I think having everything set even if you don't need it will give you more mental space to focus on making it a great time with your girlfriend! Please let us know how everything went! :0)


let us know how it goes

No your not crazy. Your likely to regret not going & feel isolaled hope you enjoy yourself.

See Cody everyone says go for it! Let us know how it went.

Go out, enjoy yourself. Give your date some nice flowers! Just know your limits and stop/get out before you reach it.

Sounds good to me!

Hi Cody
Please give us an update!

Have a great time xxx enjoy yourself

It’s going to be a little while till time for prom gets here

And thanks you guys and girls