Rollator Ad on TV

I saw this ad on TV today. Thought that some of you might be interested in viewing it.

It’s definitely not cheap, but that’s a really nice design. One of the worst things about walkers is the leaning forward design. It also means that it can get away from the user. This is upright, and also presumably easier on the upper body.

Thanks for sharing

I like the height and elbow support that encourages good posture … would be good for normal use. I have one for more challenging surfaces and the bigger wheels better suited to gravel car parks or uneven ground. thanks for sharing. dont think they are available here in UK but interesting and something to consider.

Try contacting them; it wouldn’t hurt if they say no.

EDIT: The bottom of the page is “contact us.”

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Seen on

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thanks for tip but I dont have the need. I have three rollators for different usage.