~*What the least useful thing you could do given your current situation?*~

Please contribute your worst ideas for a situation. No idea is too dumb to mention-in fact, the dumber the better.

Let's have some fun which this!!! :0)

Example: A family having trouble trimming its budget asked family members to come up with their worst ideas for financial responsibility. One family member suggested signing up for every cable channel-after all, the cable company promotes its most extravagant package as its best money -saving deal.

Walking on wire across Grand Canyon

Drinking too much alcohol !

Driving ( I no longer drive )

Getting up on a ladder

Have a cocktail. Still under the limit. Go to police station. Walk a straight line.

I love to dance so i am taking up ballroom dance lessons. http://www.stouffvilleacademy.com/


Least useful to my mind would be to put on weight which is exactly what I am doing. It is so difficult to motivate myself to exercise and avoid sugary treats. :(


Not exercising my brain (Cognitive thinking) not only in the morning but thought my day's.

Given the issues I have regarding my ataxia and other medical issues, I could write a book about the things that I cannot do now, will not attempt for safety reasons (such as riding a pushbike or driving a car) or have had to change my approach to.

That said, I know exactly the least useful thing I could do given my current situation. GIVE UP!

The day that I ever give up and not exercise, enjoy social activity, play, exercise my mind or generally try to get on with 'it' will be a sad day indeed.

As for something silly from the past, please do not be offended anyone - this really happened;

In my teen years I was very active in the local Methodist church and one day in my late teens I was approach by a church 'elder' to ask if I would go represent our church at an important meeting in London. It was a 'last minute' deal and I was asked only on the evening before traveling. I agreed - but that was not the silly part! I had been working long shifts that week so was very tired and I do not sleep well if at all on coach trips. In Westminster abbey, early in the morning and not long after we arrived in London there was a 'service' in which I, for just a moment, dropped into a deep sleep and snored rather loudly. This is not the worst part and that problem was overlooked. Later when walking in (as I recall) St James Park with church 'elders' from our local church and others, I was speaking with a Bishop (I forget which one) and the conversation turned to the fact that our local church was (and still is) a 'Local Ecumenical Partnership'. For those of you keeping up so far, you may well have guessed the worst part already! I casually said to the Bishop "Yes! our church is a Local Ecumenical Partnership. Indeed we are all ..." pause for dramatic affect "LEPers!". As the reader may imagine I got some viciously stern looks from some of those that heard what I said - that is until the Bishop laughed and replied in a very positive way (I cannot remember what he said though). Any way that is my recollection of how I came to the least useful thing I could do in a situation (most inappropriate at least).

Spend too much time in my head.

spending a fortune on a dui cuz I appeared drunken due to gait.

Get drunk. I walk like a drunk already!!

Confiding in people. I have lost all faith in my friends. It is as I have leprosy. Before I Became ill I was a cop with hundereds of friends. Now that I am down they are done.

one word comes to mind RUN.

playing my guitar whilst watching the rolling stones at Glastonbury on tv after a couple of beers,

end result as I cant walk well , carpet burns on knees swollen ankle and a bit of damage to my pride

keith Richards I am not !!!!!!

Sign up for a marathon. Walk on a rope bridge. Go up/down a spiral staircase.

Attending to Office and participate in the meetings.